Sunday, 20 October 2013

Spain Travel #1

Spain (officially called the Kingdom of Spain) is a fascinating mix of cultures. Due to its geographic location it has been influenced throughout history by cultures such as the Goths, Moores and Romans. All of these influences combined with its centuries of rule as a colonial power around the world has created a weave of cultures unequaled in the world. From the cultural aspects to the amazing food, visiting Spain can be one of the most unforgettable trips of your life.

Abundant year-round rainfall lends a deep-green color to northern pastures and meadowlands. Seasonal temperatures vary only slightly; winters are mild, summers, cool. The eastern coast and Balearic Islands enjoy typically Mediterranean weather: semitropical warmth, sunshine and long dry spells. Spring and autumn winds bring localized storms with brief but heavy rains.


The kitchens of Spain produce a pungent and imaginative fare. Substantial and plentifully served, the food is typically not highly seasoned. Olive oil, the idea of Spanish culinary art, imparts a refined flavor to most ingredients.

A number of dishes, each national and regional, are to be recommended. Variations on rice-based dish, flavoured with saffron and pimentos, are found everywhere the country. Valencia is known for the tastiest version made with pork, chicken or food.
The meals of the Basque nation are likely to include several hearty courses. Salt codfish cooked with fresh tomatoes (bacalao a la Vizcaína) is known in other areas of Spain, as is fish soup (sopa de pescada), a traditional favorite of fishermen.
Many cafes offer tempting snacks (tapas) for those who find it hard to hold out until scheduled meal times. Seafood is the most common, but sandwiches and several varieties of sausage can be purchased as well. With all of these, Spaniards drink wine or beer.
Squid (calamares), at their best within the Basque country and territory, are eaten up in alternative regions. cuttlefish are oft prepared in a dark sauce of their own ink or cut up and fried crisp.Gazpacho is an uncooked soup of andalusian origin. Oil and vinegar are combined with finely strained tomatoes, garlic, cucumber, green peppers and onion. garnished with croutons, the chilled mix makes a refreshing nourishment on hot days.

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