Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Adventure Travel tips

Planning for a bag packing or a adventure travel to get that adrenaline pump? Here are few tips that will help you in smooth sailing your travel.

1. Know the custom/ culture of your destination:

This is to not hurt feelings of local or it might get ugly for you. By all means avoid awkward situation in these destinations. Do not comment on their religious belief or culture. While communicating, it won’t hurt to learn a little of the language.

2. Stay flexible:

The success or failure of your trip from a happiness/fulfillment standpoint will come down to how well you managed the unforeseeables. Plans can change. Buses run late. Remember this: the best stories you later tell will be of the chance encounters, the follies and the unexpected. Roll with it.

3. Pack lightly:

You may be going for two weeks, but pack like you are going for one. Ditch the four “night out” get ups and the three pairs of board shorts. The extras will only weigh you down, especially if your adventure consists of a significant amount of foot travel. If you can get away with it, pack only what can be carried on the airplane. Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination airport only to find your checked luggage never made it out of Phoenix. Here are some of the essential items that I always take with me.

4.  Play the guest:

Respect + humility. Those two concepts will get you everywhere, in my opinion.

5. Know your strengths and limitations.:

You can’t just decide one day to climb K2 and go do it the next. While it’s absolutely okay to try something new on your next adventure trip, you might not want to make Half Dome your first rock climbing experience. And even the most seasoned mountaineer needs to train before tackling an Everest. Do yourself a favor and brush up on the skills needed for your adventure and work some fitness into your daily routine.

6. Document the trip:

Take photos and keep a journal. You may think you’ll remember every last detail, but once the trips start adding up (and hopefully they will) you’ll be thankful that you have some old pages to pore over and photo galleries to click through. And when the grind starts wearing you down again, pull this material out to get motivated for your next adventure.

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