Thursday, 26 September 2013

Travel Camera

The most important thing to carry your camera in your travel is to get it back in one piece. Airstrip checkpoints and gear handlers pose major dangers to the fragile parts of your camera. When not voyaging via plane, a camera could be a load. Advance cameras and their apparatus have a tendency to be heavy, and all cameras require assurance from the different things pressed in your suitcase or travel pack. By taking a couple of safeguards, your camera can land at your end unscathed and make it back home with you in one piece.

Utilize the most modest camera that suits your reasons. For those travelers who are taking personal photos just, a focus and-shoot camera is regularly sufficient. Focus and-shoot cameras are more modest than single-lens reflex camera (SLR) and safeguard you on pressing space. Because of the pricetag, travelling with a focus and-shoot camera might likewise spare you on anxiety.

Replace your camera bag if the pack has a ton of additional space. The camera bag you use to travel may as well have barely enough space for your camera, the lenses that you need to take, channels, additional electric storage devices and your memory cards or film to fit without being packed in. Utilize an overall cushioned sack with differentiate compartments for every bit of supplies for the most safe travelling experience.

*Take camera equipments only if you absolutely need it. *

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Travel Safety tips

Travel safety Tips:

1. Keep your travel plans, together with accommodation details, to yourself.
2. Don't hitch hike.
3. Avoid 'seedier' areas of the cities you visit, particularly in the dark.
4. As a general rule, town streets that include children and women recommend the area is safe for families.
5. Try to not travel in the dark.
6. Carry with you at all times the contact details of the Indian embassy. If your town does not have associate degree Indian embassy, decide that alternative country's embassy is accessible to assist you.
7. Ask your hotelkeeper for recommendation on 'safe' versus 'unsafe' native areas.
8. Keep a photocopy of your passport and every one alternative necessary documents during a safe place.
9. Use ATMs throughout the day, once there are individuals around.
10. Try to rely more on credit cards and travelers cheques than money.
11. If you're mugged, do not fight back. it's higher to lose some bucks and a wrist watch than get out of action.
12. Avoid incidents like fights, riots or civil disturbances in the slightest degree times.

Travel Souvenirs

For those who travel lightly are not typically looking to add more stuff into their lives.
 If you feel the need for something more concrete, though, or can't pass up a flea-market bargain, you might want to put some thought into what to get, and how to get it home.
Locally-produced items tend to make the best mementos. If you're in Switzerland, watches or chocolate; when in Ireland (or Portugal), think hand-knit sweaters; and so on. Functional souvenirs are usually preferable to purely decorative ones: clothing is often a good choice, and can even replace something you've brought. Readers will appreciate local books on topics of interest, and music-lovers should consider recordings of local musicians they've enjoyed.
Always leave some space in bag for gifts, souvenirs, and other items that you might want to bring home. 
The best souvenirs are friendships, photographs, and 

fond memories.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Experience down under like never before.

 Self Drive-New South Wales Australia

A trip of fun, adventure and beautiful scenic views that will leave an impression on your mind forever. Experience down under like never before as you drive from one destination to another.

New South Wales Australia

12night/ 13 Days tour
Gold Coast- 3nights
Byron Bay- 2nights
Coffs Harbor- 1night
Port Macquarie- 1night
Port Stephens- 2nights
Sydney- 3nights

Day1.  It all begins at Gold Coast.  Today you get to spend your evening exploring the Surfer's Paradise. There is a lot you can do today. THE Gold Coast has more to offer than just sun, surf and sand. You can go on wine trails, hike rugged mountains, jet-boat and hug koalas all within 50km of one another.

Day2.  Today is all about getting close to nature, and what better way to do that than here at Paradise County. You get to spend a day in Aussie farm.  This farm experience is a fantasy for kids of all ages and that's the universal appeal of Paradise Country. You can watch as the stockmen and their dogs round up a flock of sheep. It's here you'll be shown how to throw a boomerang, milk a cow and see how to crack a stockmen's whip. Watch the skills of the master shearers in the Sheep Shearing Show and Ram Parade. Spend some time in the kangaroo and koala sanctuary where you can spot koalas as they snooze, feed the kangaroos and enjoy these charming marsupials in their natural setting.

Day3. After a quiet day with lot of excitement today you are set to get your adrenaline pumping at the Adrenaline Park. You will be greeted with screams as you approach and then the fun doesn’t end! Try the giant slingshot which flings riders 80 metres into the air, and the Vomatron that spins them around at high speed. There is also mini-golf, simulated helicopter and car-racing rides and bungy trampolines for the little ones.

Today you will redefine your sense of freedom at Byron Bay which is a short drive (100km) from Gold Coast. Once you reach here, you are set to experience the Micro Lights which will amaze you. You will be airborne in a two-seater microlight and this is probably the nearest thing to what the essence of flying might be. It is magical and will leave you with a sense of freedom that you’ve never felt before.
Tonight you will stay at Byron Bay.

Today you are off on the Byron Bay Lighthouse walking tour. Discover the historic lighthouse see the signal flags and the keepers’ desk and uniform, providing a reminder of days gone by when three families were living at Cape Byron from 1901 to 1989. Enjoy climbing the tower, stopping at each of the three levels before stepping out onto the top balcony to get a bird’s eye view into the marine park below and surrounding hinterland.
After which take a beautiful 3.7 km walk that includes coastal cliffs, littoral rainforest and world class beaches. The magnificent cliff top walking track winds its way through diverse plant communities, offering panoramic views of the ocean and north coast hinterland. 
 Overnight at Byron Bay

Today you drive your way to Coffs Harbor. And here you will be visiting the Clog Barn. Take a delightful stroll around the model Dutch Village with its miniature working windmills and working garden railway. All of the models are replicas of actual buildings in Holland, it will leave you mesmerized. Also you can also see demonstration on how Clogs are made and yes you can pick up some as souvenirs for your friends.
Overnight in Coffs Harbor


Your morning begins with the “Beach to Bush Buggy ride” at Coffs Harbor. It is the new, fun way to explore Coffs Coast on four wheels. There is a range of exciting tours which take you off-road along the shores of Boambee Beach, deep into lush rainforest and bush-land, cruising along country roads, making stops along the way at lookouts and popular cafes, restaurants, gift shops and attractions.
Once this is over, you head to Port Macquarie. On your way you go to Timbertown, a heritage village. Set amongst 87 acres of natural forest, Timbertown is an entire village, re-created to demonstrate the struggles and achievements of their pioneers. It's an authentic heritage township, where the Horse and Carriage still runs, timber is still sawn and the bullock team still hauls its heavy load. You'll smell the distinctive aroma from the steam engines, the smell of sawn timber and the smell of home style cooked meals.
It is considered by many to be one of Australia's finest Heritage Parks. Overnight at Port Macquarie

Today you drive to Port Stephen. It is a beautiful scenic drive that lasts for around five hours. Now here you can get in the mood of a little adventure. The Port Stephens Parasailing gives you the most awe-inspiring view of the marine wonderland below, this parasailing trip can take you either solo or tandem soaring up to 150m above the water. See Port Stephens from a rare and fascinating angle.   The sight from above of many of the bay’s approximately 160 dolphins is an exhilarating visual treat. And if this is not your cup of tea then we have the Sahara Horse Trail ride. Be it a ride on the beach or the forest they have it all.

 Overnight at Port Stephens

It’s all about the bikes today. You get to go on an incredible adventure as you ride the Quad bikes on the Sand dunes like never before. Jump aboard a 4wd trip which takes you out to the dunes on an exhilarating experience through the largest moving sand mass in the southern hemisphere.

Overnight in Port Stephens

Today you drive to Sydney. Spend the rest of the day at leisure, hit the beaches or soak up the sun, it’s your day.


Your day starts on a thrilling note as you take in the experience of America’s Cup Sailing in Sydney. It is a unique opportunity to participate as crew on a real America’s Cup yacht.
Take the helm, trim the sails, work on the grinders or simply sit back and enjoy the ride as you soak up the atmosphere and sights of spectacular Sydney Harbour.

Once you’ve enjoyed your ride head for the Sydney Opera House tour. A trip to Sydney would not be complete without a stop at the world-famous Sydney Opera House. This architectural masterpiece is not only a premier performing arts centre but also one of Australia’s greatest treasures. This iconic building was formally recognised as one of mankind’s greatest achievements when it was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2007.
Overnight at Sydney.

Today it is all about fun at the Luna Park. It is a superbly restored 1930s amusement park where fun never stops. Take on crazy rides like the Tango Train or nostalgic favourites such as the beautifully restored Ferris Wheel. The little ones love the Space Shuttle and Dad will laugh his socks off on the Giant Slides! A trip to Luna Park just isn't complete without trying your luck on the Laughing Clowns, Crazy Crooners or Goin Fishin', there are fabulous prizes to be won for all!

Overnight at Sydney.

Now your journey has reached it final day, head back with memories and experiences that will last a life time.