Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Travel Souvenirs

For those who travel lightly are not typically looking to add more stuff into their lives.
 If you feel the need for something more concrete, though, or can't pass up a flea-market bargain, you might want to put some thought into what to get, and how to get it home.
Locally-produced items tend to make the best mementos. If you're in Switzerland, watches or chocolate; when in Ireland (or Portugal), think hand-knit sweaters; and so on. Functional souvenirs are usually preferable to purely decorative ones: clothing is often a good choice, and can even replace something you've brought. Readers will appreciate local books on topics of interest, and music-lovers should consider recordings of local musicians they've enjoyed.
Always leave some space in bag for gifts, souvenirs, and other items that you might want to bring home. 
The best souvenirs are friendships, photographs, and 

fond memories.

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